Buttocks Aesthetic

Buttocks Aesthetic

Buttocks are now a popular procedure . Round, full and pert bottoms perhaps the most desired body feature of all women. However, today not only women but also men with small and indistinct bottoms can also choose this procedure to have a more shapely bottom. Buttocks Aesthetic Bodrum

This is, known as gluteoplasties, are surgical procedures to obtain fuller, and pert bottom. The method used varies case by case.

Gluteoplasties can be divided into 3 basic categories:

  • Hip and Buttocks aesthetics, augmentation and shaping
  • Hip and Buttocks uplift
  • Hip and Buttocks reduction.

Surgical Methods

Fat injections: Is the injection of the patient’s own fat taken from the hips, back and the bottom and outer sides of the bottom and which is then thickened and finally injected into the top part of the bottom, filling it out in the process.

Buttocks Prostheses: Silicone prosthesis can be used in cases where there is not enough fat in the upper part of the bottom. This procedure ensures the bottom sticks out and is pert.

The prostheses used are specially designed for the bottom, which recently have been mainly implanted in the muscle. These are inserted via small incisions made in the gap between each buttock, leaving a scar not readily visible.

Buttocks Lift: Is the lifting of the entire hip region by removing excess skin from beneath the stomach and above the bottom from patients caused by weight loss leaving saggy skin. Fat injections or prosthetics may be sufficient in of themselves for patients with average or good quality skin.

Things to Pay Attention to Pre-Surgery

As with all surgical operations, aspirin and cigarette usage must be ceased 3 weeks before a bottom aesthetic operation. Anticoagulants (blood thinners) and other similar agents must be avoided from 1 week before the operation.

Type of Anaesthesia and Length of Procedure

These operations are performed in an operating theatre under general anaesthetic. The operation lasts 2-3 hours depending on the surgical method used.

Recovery Period

The patient doesn’t need to stay in hospital after the operation. A special corset is worn for 3-6 weeks after the operation. A complete recovery takes 2-10 days depending on the surgical method used.

It takes around 3-6 months for swelling to disappear and for the bottom to assume its new, full form. Buttocks Aesthetics Bodrum

Exercise and sports can be resumed 3-45 days after the operation. Extra care must be taken when sitting and standing up in cases where prostheses have been implanted. Buttocks Aesthetics Bodrum

Every point of our bodies must be in harmony with each other. Buttocks Aesthetic Bodrum

Buttocks, waist and belly should all be in symetry. When this aesthetic relation is lost a straight line will appear. Therefore, if any point is incomplete it should be filled up and if there is excess it should be removed. Buttocks Aesthetics Bodrum

Buttock Lift Plastic Surgery Procedure

How is this operation done?
This operation is done in two ways. Patients can be injected into the butt portion on its own fat. Or butt implants available. That transaction which is decided by the condition of the patient.

Is the operation done under general anesthesia?
The operation is done under general anesthesia.

How long does the operation last? Should I stay in the hospital?
Operation takes about 45 minutes up to 1 hour. You do not need to stay in hospital.

Will there be a scar after the operation?
If only butt lift with fat injection is made there will be no scar. If it will be done with butt implants there will be 4 cm incision in the area where the two hips meet. This small cut will disappear and adopt with the skin colour within 6 months.

What should I look for after the operation?
I recommend to avoid heavy work for 10 days. Buttocks Aesthetics Bodrum

After the operation will there be any problems regarding sitting?
It may be uncomfortable the first 3 days. Afterwards you will not have any problems.